I'm a service designer with a background in spatial design and experience as a design researcher. Always looking for opportunities that would enable me to make everyone happier, believing happiness as the ultimate value. I design to deliver the right value to the right stakeholders. Meaning better experiences for the service user, provider and anyone else who might be involved in the service.
Before studying at RCA I did my BA in Spatial Design at Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea. There I learned the value of tangibility and how design can be shown and felt through making furnitures, planning exhibitions and designing interior. 
I officially started my career as a design researcher at a government organization, Korea Institute of Design Promotion also called KIDP. My role was to publish standards for quality and proficiency of design through a National publication called NCS. I had the chance to facilitate workshops with experts on a daily basis, discussing about the value and methodologies of different designs. That experience triggered me to think beyond the spatial design that I’ve learnt and wanted to have a bigger scope of the industry as a designer.
Over the last two years of learning and practicing service design at RCA, I’ve grown into a designer who’s capable of tackling challenges on a more holistic view of the landscape. I can’t wait to use my skills as a service designer to overcome the challenges organizations are facing to help them thrive. Genuinely interested in a lot of things. Don’t hesitate to reach out!
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